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music school RESEARCH

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music school RESEARCH - Austria's Music Schools as Cultural and Educational Organizations

Elegant concerts and the home of many famous composers—that is what people all over the world often associate with Austria. The small country’s reputation is to be the land of music. But it is not only the New Year’s Concert that distinguishes Austria: Over the last decades, the country has developed an extensive music education system to promote music activities among young people.


The results are impressive: in some provinces one out of three of the 6 to 10 age group attends a music school. This book focuses on different aspects that shape and influence music education in Austria. A changing regular school system, growing demands by parents and tighter budgets pose challenges to the ones responsible. The book also points to the important role of research into the organizational background of music schools and underlines the strong impact music can have on the lives of young people.





Franz-Otto Hofecker/Michaela Hahn (Eds.)
music school RESEARCH
Austria's Music Schools as Cultural and Educational Organizations
ISBN 978-3-903058-07-1

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